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Two-Post Hoist Installation Tips

All the hoists provided by the Workshop Equipment Store come with complete installation instructions. We also can recommend hoist installation specialists who can install your hoist for you.

Here are a few tips for installing a car hoist.

Where should you install a vehicle hoist?

There are several things to consider before installing a vehicle hoist. How you place and install the vehicle hoist will depend on what you plan to use the hoist for. If you are considering a two-post hoist, a good starting point is to determine the largest vehicle you will be working on and place the lift columns based on this.

Drive this type of vehicle into the area where you plan to use the hoist. Carefully look at the space available around the vehicle for walking space and space for tool cabinets, equipment and other items that will be used during servicing. The position of the lift columns should be based on the largest vehicle you plan to work on, and anything smaller will be able to fit.

If placing the hoist in a garage work bay, centre the columns 3 to 4 metres from the wall should provide enough workspace in front of the vehicle.

Hoist columns can be installed close to walls, as little as 70 cm, if there is limited space.

Electrical connection

How you will connect to electricity is another important consideration when planning where you will put the hoist. Thinking about this in advance can save you time in the long run. For commercial workshops using 2-post lifts, it’s common to have the power unit on the passenger door side. This enables the operator to position the vehicle, get out of the vehicle and set the arms on the driver’s side. Then the operator can walk over to the passenger side, set arms on that side, and use the power unit to raise the hoist while still on the passenger side of the vehicle.

In most cases, a single phase 240 volt connect is used for 2-post hoists.

Concrete surface

Depending on the 2-post hoist you will be installing, the concrete should be between 15cm and 20cm thick.


If installing the lift without outside help, consider that it’s a heavy item and won’t be easy to pick up and move around. Having a hand truck or moving dolly will make it easier to move the components.

Each hoist comes with installation instructions. Completely read these instructions before starting assembly. Assemble the lift near the installation area to avoid moving heavy items after they have been assembled.

Once most of the hoist is assembled, ensure that the floor is clearly marked so that when you raise the hoist to install (using lifting equipment) you will be near the installation mark.

Be careful when drilling holes in concrete and use the correct tools and PPE to prevent accidents. Drill to the required depth and make sure you use the correct hardware to secure the hoist to the concrete.

The services of a qualified electrician might be required to complete the installation by connecting power to your hoist.

Safety considerations

All Workshop Equipment Store hoists and lifts are designed for safe operation and conform to Australian standards are WorkSafe VIC approved. The instructions provided have been created to promote safe installation and operation. If you have any questions about installation and operation, please contact The Workshop Equipment Store.

Answers to your questions

We’re happy to answer any questions about selecting and installing a two-post hoist, whether for business or personal use. We can recommend experienced and qualified installers to simplify the process. Also, if you want to see our two-post hoists in operation, we invite you to visit our tyre installation workshop in Craigieburn, Victoria.