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Wheel Alignment Machines

latest 3D technology wheel alignment machines with automatic tracking target. It’s with dynamic constitute coordinate, not affected by the inclination. It can perform wheel alignment at all heights.

We take pride in providing the highest quality and most innovative wheel alignment machines in the market.

Ensuring effective performance, greater efficiency, and sturdier reliability, each of our top-class wheel aligner models is powered with advanced 3D measuring techniques, laser, and touchless wheel alignment mechanisms.

The workshop equipment store has various types of wheel aligners, which are suitable for all sizes, including bus and truck wheel alignment machines.

All our wheel aligners are unique and have advanced features to meet the Worksafe Victoria standards.

Wheel Aligners

Our Wheel Aligners are the best because,

Advanced Technology – Powered with innovative and advanced technologies of the 3D machine, laser, and touchless mechanisms

Reliability – Sturdy and Robust designs geared to provide a variety of wheel clamps, fast wheel alignment, real-time precise measurement, and waterproof protection.

Ease of Use – wheel aligners are designed with quality and reliability as well as ease of operation in mind. Simple setup, user-friendly, efficient camera technology and quick vehicle turnaround mean technicians can focus on providing great results rather than spending hours setting up equipment. A high-quality alignment system that makes your job easier – not harder – is what we offer.

Local Support Maintenance – We take customer satisfaction seriously. We provide top-class after-sales support and local maintenance services to all clients. Our customer service team will help you choose the right machine for your needs. They can also guide you through the process of setting up your machine.

Great Reviews – Serving hundreds of thousands of wheel alignment workshops and clients with a 100% rate of satisfaction and excellent reviews.

How Does a Wheel Aligner Work?

An automobile alignment is essentially a complex procedure that aligns the wheels with one another and the road surface by positioning and modifying various suspension system components. This should be done by a professional mechanic.

In general, an alignment is aligning the wheels and axles of a vehicle so that they are travelling in the same direction. The thrust, camber, and caster angles of the suspension are altered by the technician because they affect the tyre’s movement and position. The steering wheel’s alignment will also be checked by the technician.

Well, the workshop equipment store has the right product for your repair shop. we have the latest alignment machines that make fewer human errors and use advanced technology.

Latest Technology Wheel Aligners

If you are looking for an advanced, technologically superior, and high-performance wheel alignment machine for your workshop needs and clients, browse through our latest wheel aligner category and select the best product for yourself.

Wheel aligners with the newest technology are available at The Workshop equipment store to make your wheel alignment and tyre changing tasks quicker and easier. These include touchless wheel alignment, laser, and 3D technologies. With these, whether you’re performing a wheel alignment or tyre change, you can be guaranteed to get exact and accurate measurements every single time.

With direct access to the manufacturer, you can always rely on our continuous support without any inconvenience or hassle because we value customer satisfaction.

We are committed to providing high-quality products and services that meet your expectations. We also provide a wide range of options for your convenience. Our goal is to make sure that you receive the best possible service at all times.

3D Wheel Aligners

3D alignment machines use digital camera tracking to get the most accurate alignment on all types of tyres. It identifies the diameter and the height of the wheel to give proper configuration. Also, it will display all angles in real-time, allowing you to make live adjustments.

3D technology is the most reliable solution to keep your vehicle’s suspension in good shape. The 3D alignment machine can be used for any type of car or truck. This tool is also known as a laser-based alignment  

Which Wheel Alignment Do I Need, Two or four?

Basically, a four-wheel alignment is done for all-wheel drive vehicles, where the suspensions are independently adjustable. Then the two-wheel alignment which is known as front-end alignment is done for the vehicles which are not a 4WD or AWD.

Well, Which one do you need? It totally depends on your vehicle’s suspension. If the vehicle is a non-4WD or non-AWD type, then it may just need a front-end alignment.

We Produce Some of The Highest Quality Wheel Alignment Equipment

We are proud of the fact that we provide some of the highest-quality wheel alignment equipment available. We are aware that having a wheel alignment machine in a workshop is very important. Because of this, we only produce our equipment with the best materials and the most recent technology.

Since we are also end users of most of our products, we ensure that the merchandise we sell is of high quality. All items undergo rigorous testing before we launch them. We have a team of experts who test all of our products to make sure they meet or exceed industry standards and expectations.

We are confident that the products we offer will perform well and last a long time. We have been selling quality products since 2007, and our customers know they can count on us to deliver what we promise.

We will provide training for all products purchased from us, and we can also negotiate training for anyone who wants to upskill.

Contact us right away to learn more about how our wheel alignment equipment might benefit your operation.

At Workshop Equipment Store® we’re proud of our reputation as a quality supplier of workshop equipment in Australia.

Wheel Alignment Machine

Since we are also end users of most of our products, we ensure that the merchandise we sell is of high-quality. All items undergo rigorous testing before we launch them.

We are very confident that the products we offer will perform well and last a long time.

We will provide training for all products purchased from us and training is also available by negotiation for anyone wanting to up-skill.