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Wheel Balancers

Wheel balancing machines are a necessity for your garage or mechanic shop. The right equipment will ensure a perfectly balanced wheel.

Unbalanced wheels can cause many problems. For example, the steering wheel may shake, and the vehicle may vibrate unusually, especially when driving at high speeds.

Steering and suspension components can get damaged if the vehicle is driven for long periods with unbalanced wheels.

If your shop provides car maintenance and service, a wheel balancer is one of the crucial pieces of equipment that you need.

We have several popular models of wheel balancers. Please look through our several designs to get an idea of their features, and of course, you can also visit our store to get a free demonstration. Our representatives will be happy to go through their features so that you can choose the right one for you.

Please note that we provide a one-year parts warranty on our wheel balancers.

TS-B01 Wheel Balancer