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Wheel Alignment Machine Model: GA-300M

Wheel Alignment Machine Model: GA-300M

GA-300M is the latest 3D technology wheel aligner with automatic tracking target. It’s with dynamic constitute coordinate, not affected by the inclination. It can perform wheel alignment at all height.


  • Mfr has superiority on technology, have more than 7 specialists with ten years experience
  • Independent intellectual property rights, hold invention and utility patents
  • Dynamic constitute coordinate, not affected by the inclination of lift
  • No waiting during rolling or caster swing, save test time
  • Automatic calculate wheel diameter, no need to input manually
  • High precision anti-throwing target, reinforced plastic enclosure
  • Real-time data reading makes adjustment easier


  • Specializing 3D wheel alignment R&D, more reliable, more cost-effective
  • Perfect additional measurement
  • Real-time check target picture
  • With unique quick testing mode, saving time and work efficiently
  • Friendly interface, fast and stable search function
  • Industry best camera and optical system
  • A wide range of wheel clamp, with 10’’-24’’ solid & precision clamp
  • Waterproof protected

Note: Calibration is done at the factory. But we prefer to provide you with the calibration bar and stands as a total solution, which our competitors would not provide their customers.


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Front Total Toe-in±2’±20°
Thrust Angle±2’±10°
Tread difference±2mm
Wheelbase difference±2mm
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