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Points to Consider When Selecting a Vehicle Lift or Hoist

When choosing a car lift or hoist, it’s important to understand the space and other environmental requirements. Here we’ll look at some of these factors when selecting a vehicle lift.


What is the area required to install a lift?

There is a lot of variation in the sizes of vehicle lifts, so it will depend on what you need to meet your requirements. In general, you need at least 4 metres for the width. In a pinch, you can go down to 3.6 metres wide for some lifts. Remember that you will also need space around the lift to access the vehicle. For example, if the overall width of the lift is 3.4 metres, you will still need extra space to access and work on the vehicle.  One of our smaller models, the S-300 portable hydraulic scissor lift, is 1.76 metres wide. But again, you will extra room on the sides to access the lift and the vehicles being serviced.

How much room is required to install a lift?


Our lifts are delivered in components and need to be assembled. So getting the components into space is usually not an issue. We’ll be happy to discuss the best solution for your space.

What type of car lift suits particular areas?

A portable scissor lift will be suitable if you have limited space, such as a home garage. A larger scissor lift and 2-post floor hoist will be suitable for a larger space, such as a professional garage or a large home workshop.

You will also need to consider the space required to move the car unto the lift. A portable lift can be moved so is more flexible. With a two-post lift, you will want to consider how vehicles can be driven on to it. If the lift is parallel to the access door, this will not be an issue, as you can easily drive between the posts. If the lift is in a different position, such as perpendicular to the access door, you will need to ensure that there is enough turning room to get the vehicle on to the lift.

How high the ceiling should be for different kinds of lifts?

Again, this will depend on the lift. One of our smallest models the S-300 scissor lift will suit a location with a low ceiling. Its maximum lifting height is 1 metre, then you have to add the height of the vehicle, which can range from heights range from 1775-1815mm. If servicing taller vehicles, you will need to add the height to the maximum lift height of the hoist. Also consider any accessories on the vehicle, such as antennas which could be damaged if the ceiling is not high enough.


What floor concrete thickness is needed?

Depending on the model of the lift, a concrete thickness of between 15cm and 20cm is required.

If you have questions or need more information, we’ll be glad to help you select the car hoist for your space and requirements.