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How to Choose the Best Car Lift

If you’re looking for a car hoist for your workshop, the are a range of factors to consider. Here we look at these to help you choose the right one.

Before you choose the lift or hoist, consider the types of vehicles, what you will be using it for and your workspace. We carry three main models, which include belly lifts, two-post lifts and scissor lifts.


Belly lift

Sometimes called a ‘belly lift hoist’, this is the most economical form of lift. It’s called a belly lift because the vehicle is lifted from the ‘belly’ of the vehicle – between the front and rear tyres on both sides. With some other hoists and lifts, the weight is supported on the tyres. The belly lift is suitable for many functions, including servicing tyres, brakes, suspension and undertaking bodywork. It can be used in a home garage, in a mechanic shop, tyre shop, or for panel beating or car detailing. The belly lift is portable and can be moved around in a shop. The maximum capacity for the belly lift is 3.5 tonnes. Being the simplest, the belly lift is the cheapest option at $2,400.

Two-post Cat Hoist

The two-post lift or 2 Post Hoist is a step up from the belly lift. The type of lift is suitable for mechanic shops, storing vehicles and for home mechanics who have suitable space. The two-post lift comes in two forms: clear floor and base plate. With the clear floor version, the two posts are attached to the floor and are independent of each other. With the base plate version, there is a plate connecting the two vertical posts. With both versions, the vehicle is lifted by arms that are connected to the posts. Factors to consider for the suitability of this type of lift are the ceiling height and concrete thickness. The capacity of the two-post lift is four tonnes and prices start at $3,200.

Scissor lift

This is the most versatile lift that’s suitable for professional workshops to provides a range of services including wheel alignment and exhaust system repair. With a scissor lift, unlike the two-post lift, there are no pillars so it’s easier to access the underbody of vehicles from all sides. The weight capacities for our scissor lifts range from 2.8 to 3.5 tonnes. Scissor lifts can be installed above ground or inground. There are also portable models that can be moved around as needed. The prices range from $2,200 to $8,800.

Car Hoist Installation and Maintenance

Most customers install lifts and hoists themselves. All models come with full instructions for installation. Professional installation is available if requested. Workshop hoists and lifts require little maintenance. Our car hoists and lifts are exclusively manufactured according to Australian requirements and standards. Our ongoing relationship with the manufacturer gives us ongoing access to spare parts which we keep in stock for quick delivery.

Occupational Health and Safety

All our hoists and lifts are Victorian Worksafe approved. Instructions are provided with all models to promote correct and safe use.

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