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2-Post Hoists vs Scissor Lifts

Choosing the right vehicle hoist (also called lift) for your needs and circumstances is essential to ensure you get the most out of this piece of equipment. A range of hoists will suit different circumstances and needs. Here we compare the options and look at the pros and cons of each.

Two-Post Hoists

2-post hoists are one of the most common types of car hoists available. They consist of two sturdy posts and stabilisations arms for support and are a cost-effective choice for small workshops with limited space. They can be raised to 1.8 metres and can handle of up to 4-ton vehicles. 

The two types of two-post hoists include clear floor and base plate models. The clear floor models have the hydraulic hose and cables running through the bar at the top of the lift, while these are found at the bottom running through a plate on the floor plate model. Both models need a 15cm to 20cm of concrete to be installed properly and safely. This includes drilling into the concrete and fastening the posts.

The bar at the top of the clear floor model makes it unsuitable for some high vehicles. At the same time, having a clear floor underneath makes it easier to position vehicles and move around when the vehicle has been raised.

Two-post hoists take up less space and are perfect for servicing lighter vehicles. For bigger garages that service trucks and other large vehicles, two-post hoists might not be suitable.  One point to consider is that time and attention are required to place the arms on the correct lifting points under the vehicle.

Two-post hoists are suitable for many types of vehicle servicing where you need access underneath the vehicle, such as transmission, exhaust and engine servicing.


  • Easily access all parts of vehicles, including wheel assemblies
  • Without a base, you have a very low lifting point


  • Unlike a portable scissor lift, it needs to be bolted to a concrete floor
  • It takes more time to position
  • You need to consider height restrictions.

Scissor lift

Scissor lifts are a lower profile alternative to two-post hoists. They are highly versatile and suitable for professional workshops that provide a range of services, including exhaust system repair and wheel alignment. Since there are no pillars (as found in a two-post hoist), it’s easier to access vehicle underbodies from all sides. The weight capacity of scissor lifts ranges from 2.8 to 3.5 tonnes. Scissor lifts can be installed inground or above. Portable models that can be moved around as needed are also available. 

Scissor lifts lie flat when not in use and vehicles are parked over them before being elevated. They don’t take up a lot of space and are easy to use.

They are ideal for brake and wheel work and some under-engine work.


  • It’s smaller and comes in a portable model, so it could be better if space is an issue
  • Can be used outdoors
  • You can mount the vehicle from the front or rear
  • Comes in a single piece, so no assembly is required.


  • Less access to the underbody of vehicles compared to 2-post models.

Making a decision between a scissor lift and 2-post hoist

Choosing the right equipment is important for safe and efficient work. We’re happy to discuss your requirements and explain all the options available. We welcome you to visit our workshop in Craigieburn, Victoria to see our car hoists and lifts in operation.