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Tyre Changer Motorcycle Adaptor

Tyre Changer Motorcycle Adaptor

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* A set of 4 pcs.

* Made of very heavy duty and quality steel

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For sale here is a set of 4 pcs of Motor Cycle adaptor to fit on your existing Car Tyre Changer to make full use of your existing machine to expand your services to motorcycle owners.

We are confident to said that this is made of very heavy duty steel and notice we used the high tensile bolt to secure the adaptor to the original claw from your tyre changer. Each adaptor weighs 1.7kg.

The claw on our adaptor is of exceptionally quality steel to form a strong hold on the wheel to prevent flimsy grip to minimize damage to wheel.

The same high-quality bolt is also used to tighten the claw on the adaptor.  There are in total two sets of holes provided in case you need to clamp even smaller wheel that your existing machine allows.

The adaptor inner width is 45mm.  You have to measure the width of your existing claw to be sure if it fits before you purchase this item.

The mid section of the rod to the base of the adaptor sitting on your turn table is 55mm.  You may also want to measure from the tip of the sharp angle of your claw to the turn table to see if it suits your machine.  The claw from your machine has to catch on the inner rod of the adaptor.

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